Next up?

Moving the computer. I have a few things I want to take care of first, because I hate to leave folks hanging. But it’s time to vacation-ize the Etsy shop for a few days and shut this thing down. Might be a little weird, but I think I can live with it.

Cast on for a new pair of socks yesterday. Yay! I’m trying out my brand-shiny-new 4″ Harmony dpns, and so far I’m a fan…might switch back to the 6″ when there’s more fabric to manage, but I’m not sure. We’ll see. Forest Canopy is coming along beautifully. I am so in love with both yarn and pattern!

I really need to dig through my WIP basket and see what’s up there. I haven’t been using my Rav notebook to its full potential for a while now…time to actually take advantage of it again and see if I can get some things finished! I have a terrible hankering to start another shawl, which would mean picking more yarn, and I’m trying to resist because I really don’t have the money…maybe I can make a deal with myself. *grin*

Anyway, I’ll post when we reach the away-for-a-few-days point here.

2 thoughts on “Next up?

  1. Emma M.

    I didn’t know there were 4″ Harmony DPNS! I got the 6″ ones a while back, and it took me the longest time to adjust, because I’d been using 8″ Clover bamboo needles before that. Can you even HOLD 4″ needles without them jabbing you in the palms while you knit? The 6″ length was a huge improvement, but 4″ just sounds scary.

    But I love Harmony needles! I’m really glad they send you six needles, because I snapped one of mine in half during a bus ride a couple months ago. And I’m excited to hear you’re knitting socks! Isn’t it great? I’d love to see photos.

    What’s your Ravelry username? I’m museofastronomy–I’ll look you up!

  2. Peggy

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