The girl’s my polar opposite.

My oldest daughter? Lost her first tooth yesterday and didn’t tell anyone at all. She also seems to have lost the thing itself, which caused a 30-second burst of tears. Anybody know what teeth go for these days?

There should be crafty stuff here before too long, but I get into this crazy cycle where I want to take a picture of something, but don’t, then I don’t want to post until I have a picture, then…

Er, yeah. A little lame. But whatcha gonna do? Work is enough right now. My personality problems can wait, lol.

One thought on “The girl’s my polar opposite.

  1. I’m very old. When I was a kid, I was lucky if I got more than twenty cents a tooth.

    Around the internet, I’ve been reading that most parents these days give anywhere from two to five dollars per tooth.

    Hang in there. :)

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