I tend to really hate blog announcement posts; I know you’re blogging again because I’M READING YOUR POST. Ahem. There is, however, a rather sharp shift about to take place here, and I figure it’s worth saying something about.

When I had to give up writing and selling patterns, I got the biggest case of crafting-block I’ve ever experienced. Oh, I sewed a bit, and I went on a kick and made a couple dozen granny squares toward my perpetual afghan at once point, but for the most part my UFOs have been collecting metaphorical dust.

Part of what’s replaced that for me is video games. And there’s a lot going on in that world right now, and my friends are stone tired of hearing me talk about whether Destiny should have included matchmaking for raids. So I thought I’d come back to my favorite little corner of the internet when I had something to say.

The crafting content is still here; patterns are listed and archives are available to the far right. But new content is 95% likely to include the word Xbox. There is some absolutely amazing stuff out there, and I am having a fantastic time exploring it all.

Thanks for visiting.

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