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Confessions of an Acrylic Lover, #1

I think my favorite thing about Homespun is the way I have to work with it: gently. I have to loosen up my hands and let the yarn flow through them in a way almost unfamiliar to me. It’s almost a meditation, a forced relaxation and letting go of perfect stitches and lines in favor of a sort of organized imperfection that can’t be forced.

Yarn Envy.

I’ve developed this sort of weird love-hate relationship with Ravelry, because even though it’s expanded my horizons (yay!) , it’s expanded my horizons (dammit!). To wit: there are so many crazy-beautiful yarns out there, and I am dead broke. Undead broke. Monetary zombie here.

People, I can’t even afford the infamous Red Heart Super Saver at this point.

But I’m a total ass, and I can’t stop looking at all the pretty yarn. And reading all the threads arguing about the pretty yarn. (And there are some really interesting class issues in there that I’m sort of dying to deconstruct, but I won’t. And some interesting knit v crochet issues, too, which I think are actually class issues, see above.) And I keep looking at the pretty yarn and wanting it. Desperately.

It’s not Ravelry’s fault, really. It’s human nature to seek what others have. It’s just that it’s all in one place. Where I can torture myself by looking at it. *sigh*

I am so damned glad that I have stash. Not huge by some standards, but at the rate I’m going I’ll be able to work for quite a while before I really need to worry about running out. It’s wicked cool to have a ton of thread, too…lots of entertainment for the buck, there. And I have plenty of cotton to design with. So I would be happy, if I could let go of the bout of shinything! that I’ve been suffering.

I’m not quite sure why I feel compelled to say something about this particular piece of angst, but there you go. Blogging’s like that a lot, isn’t it? Maybe it’s the hope that someone will wander through and say, I know just what you mean. Or maybe it’s just healthier to have it out of my head. Only Poppins would know. 🙂

I should have taken pictures.

So I got home from my interview yesterday to find that my two older children had destroyed…tangled, stomped, and partially soaked…most of the yarn I’d left sitting on my desk. I was planning to make more dishcloths to restock the shop a bit. Um, plan B?

I think I have another set of the same colors, but I’ll need to dig. And order sooner than I would otherwise. And it’s so not a good time for them to destroy supplies! For the love of love, I was off interviewing in the first place because there’s no money to keep things going! *headdesk* The business would be paying for itself rather neatly by now if I weren’t diverting every. cent. to paying outside bills. And those are about to hopelessly swamp us anyway.

*sigh* They’re 3 and 2. What do they know? But it still makes me sad. And today, instead of making, I’ll be de-tangling and seeing if I can save some of it for my own little projects, at least. So not what I had wanted to do, but the longer I put it off, the worse it will be. So here goes…