I’m at the point where I need a change, so it’s been thread day around here today. I’m making Christmas-y things with red and green thread, including some granny-square-ish bookmarks and cetera. The change of pace helps with the soreness I sometimes get in my hands and wrists. Right now one wrist is very sore from the crochet (and mousing adds to that, I’m sure) and the other is very sore because I fell rather heavily (hah!) and awkwardly on it yesterday. I’m a grand clutz. Nothing new. That one is actually worse–the typing is *painful*–but the thread work? Not noticing it at all. If I ever get all of the kids in bed, I’m going to switch to working on a wallet I started a while back, also in thread.

Still with the too many ideas dancing in my head. I wish I had all day to work on these things. I never expected to fall in love this way this time, but it’s happened. More on that in another post at another time, methinks.

Freeform Madness

I’m trying to remember what it was that got me started looking at freeform work (oh! it was a thread at the ‘ville, which is down right now or I’d link it), but I think I’ve spent the entire week doing little but staring at lovely, lovely scrumbles and thinking about them and trying to decide how I feel. I’m fascinated, in a distinctly, “I want to do that,” sort of way. Hmmm.

Dishcloth production continues apace. I finished one custom and immediately picked up another. I’ve had multiple sales this week! I got my buttons today for the smaller coin purses I’ve been planning. And the bigger ones. I’ve got snowmen on the brain. And I’m planning to rip out a bit of the giant granny and incorporate some baby yarn I’ve had sitting around. And I’m thinking of doing a rectangle granny in thread. Just because it would be cool looking. And make me crazy. And I go for that combo, lately.

First things first, though. I’ve got a snowperson to finish (and gift), a wallet to finish, a dishcloth to finish. Oh! And a half-finished set of coasters. Then maybe crazy weird fun stuff.

There are just not enough hours in the day to deal with all of the ideas running around in my head. But you know what? I wouldn’t give up the time with the kids for anything. You should have seen the huge gummy baby grins I got today.


Falling ever behind-er-er.

ROFL! Seriously, though, this needs a made-up word.

I’m scrambling to catch up/keep up and I’m so glad for that! I’m working on two custom orders, trying to get some other stuff done for the shop, working on new items/styles and testing them, and I’m actually dreaming in crochet at this point. All while trying to nurse through what looks like an early start to the 6 week growth spurt.

Life is good.

Recreational creation.

I’m having a terrible time working today, between unexpected visitors and overexcited children and housework. I had a computer day planned anyway, since my hands have started cracking from the dry air and need a day or two off from the extra handwashing that goes along with working with the yarn…I never start work on anything without re-washing my hands first…but even that I’ve been unable to get to. Hell, I haven’t even gotten to shower yet, and really? The chances of getting to at this point aren’t high.

I desperately need to take pictures for the shop, and I’m a bit stressed over how I’m going to manage this winter, because there is so little light to work with if it isn’t sunny, and again today with the brilliantly-sunny-in-the-morning and the go-shoot-yourself-dreary in the afternoon. You know, the sort of overcast that leaves the weather people insisting that it really *is* sunny because they can’t see it on the damned satellite, but it’s not. At all. I’ve got to figure this one out, but it’s everything I could do to figure out how to take pics with the setup I’ve got now, and I have no idea how to change it and no idea how I can figure *anything* out with three kids trying to destroy everything I do.

Do I sound frustrated? ‘Cause I’m frustrated. Gah.

In any case, all is well. I’m just presently residing the other side of seriously stressed out, and it’s coming out in the way that relatively minor things drive me crazy. One thing I’ve realized, though, is that all work and no play makes Deb a pissy girl, so I’ve gone ahead and started a project that’s actually for my own enjoyment. I’m going to have to use it carrot-style, but that’s good, right? I’ve got a few skeins of Homespun that need to become something, so they’re going to become a giant granny ‘ghan. I figure I can work on it in the evenings when I’m too burned out or tired to work on things for the shop, or when I’ve done enough work on it to take a celebratory run at another project.

Maybe I can work up to working on the Monster. ROFL! (The Monster being the ten-years-old WIP granny ‘ghan from hell, which took an unfortunate turn years and years ago and is in serious need of serious help to straighten it out…how can you mess up a granny ‘ghan, you ask? Well, I’ll have to get a picture of the thing and show you…I knew a *lot* less about crochet then than I do now. And really, the urge is strong to just frog the thing, or at least part of it. But I’ve got this complex about it at this point, you know?)

Oh, well. I’m going to try to actually answer my e-mail now, before the baby wakes back up…

Still here, still working, still slow.

And that’s about it!

I haven’t done much online this last week…haven’t even made it to the ‘ville in days. I started playing a bit more with Ravelry last night, but didn’t get all that far, really. I’d love to get pics of things so it doesn’t look so barren there, but that’s going to involve A. the cloud cover lifting a bit and B. upgrading my flickr account, which I’m not all that ready to do yet with things as they are at the moment. When would I have time to use the thing?

And with that, off to tend to McCrankyPants…

Pressed for time.

I’ve started to get so damned frustrated with how little time I have to work on things. I know it’s a temporary condition, I know I should be sitting back and enjoying my last baby’s babyhood, but let’s face it: when I’m not in any state to relax, I’m not in any state to relax, and that I might one day regret not enjoying it more is no way to talk myself into enjoying it now.

Besides, I know from experience that I won’t remember any of it anyway. Sleep deprivation kills my memory.

Something has to give, though. I spent 2 1/2 hours this morning trying to write a new listing and never did finish. I’ve got a gang of other things to do for the shop, in terms of just shopkeeping and promoting and I really, really can’t keep up with it right now. Hell, I’ve hardly had time to poke around Ravelry, and the sweet folks who tested for me at the ‘Ville probably think I’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth.

We will not speak of my kitchen floor. *shudder*

I think for the moment I’m going to focus on getting things made. I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head, and I’d like to capture them before they’re gone. The selling needs to come after I have things to offer for sale, you know? The shop definitely needs to be better stocked. I’d like to have the banner/avatar redone, too. I have absolutely no time to figure out how to make those just now.

Also, the house cleaned. Because really, that’s the other component of my “day job” and it’s got to get done.

So, priorities in order, I’m off to stumble through some more of my day. In the rain. That we need, but it’s so not helping me stay awake…

Also for the record…

I got my Ravelry invite while I was in the hospital recovering from having the kiddo and I’m just now starting to poke around in it a bit and let me tell you, it is every bit as amazing as everyone has been telling us all this time.

I suppose I’ll have to break down and upgrade my flickr account now. Because wow.

I’m so giddy I can’t even properly elaborate.