Bullet points, because who I am doesn’t fit clearly in a narrative:

–Mom of three, very glad that they are becoming teens. Even with middle school in the mix, I find them easier to reason with than when they were toddlers.

–Former crochet pattern designer.

–Former pharmacy tech.

–When I was 12 I caught the one and only fish I have ever caught. Somewhere I have a picture of myself holding it like it was the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever touched. I was thrilled to throw it back in after.

–My family and I live on opposite coasts. I wish that wasn’t true.

–I’m a Navy veteran.

–I have Bipolar 1 disorder. I quit crocheting when the meds made my hands shake too badly to go at a reasonable pace. Lately I’ve been trying to find more patience, because it’s been 5 years and I miss it desperately.

–I flew from California to Minnesota to visit friends when I was 12. Now some parents I know won’t let their 12 year olds leave the house without an escort. I am not at all certain that this is a positive development.

–I’ve fallen head over heels in love with D&D thanks to the folks at Critical Role. So far I’ve been too shy to try finding a group, though.

–I play an awful lot of video games. Currently the main rotation is Neverwinter and Destiny 2. Destiny is more to play with my son. I still far prefer the first iteration.

–At 40(mumble) I barely recognize the world my kids live in. I’m told that this happens with every generation, but it’s somewhat jarring to experience for oneself.

–This list could go on for a long time. I have half of an engineering degree, spent time sailing on a WWII era steamship, have half of a graduate degree, used to manage a cafe in a bookstore, spent a summer working as a trucking dispatcher, still own the only vehicle I’ve ever bought new–17 years ago–I quit smoking, started smoking, and switched to vaping, which I love, when I do go to church it’s UU, my eldest is trans, thanks to gaming I have friends in the UK, Sweden, and Australia (which would have been so unthinkable growing up!), and…well, I could go on.

–Maybe the most important thing about this site is that it grew out of my love for crochet, and among the other things you might find here these days I hope that this simple fact still shines through. And if you made it this far, thanks for reading.