The great destash of ’08. All sold! Thanks so much!

At least, this better be the only one! LOL. Actually, it’s kind of nice to sort out what you know you’re not likely to use every once in a while. Makes you feel lighter, somehow. 🙂

All of these are from my personal stash and available to ship immediately. Anything 13 ounces and under will go first class unless you’d like to pay for the upgrade. Over 13 ounces goes priority, unless you really want it parcel post. I’ll charge you an estimated shipping cost, and overage will be refunded. I’m willing to break up lots and entertain offers, just e-mail me at deb at this domain. PayPal is best, but I’ll take alternate payment if I happen to know you well enough. Leave a comment or e-mail your interest. Thanks for looking!


This is America’s Best #10 thread in a 350 yard put-up. Pictured here is the ball I used part of, so that you can see the color. Actually for sale are 5 balls still in their plastic wrappings. The color is “Fiesta”, the lot number is 7828. Asking $2/ball or take the lot for $8.50. (Shipping estimate: $4.60 for all, Priority Mail) Sold!


This is 6 balls of America’s Best Perle Cotton, size 5 in color “Fiesta,” lot 2676. I love Elmore-Pisgah’s cotton, and I love the color, but I have no idea what I would use this for. It was just so very pretty…1.75 ounces/230 yds. Asking $2.50/ball or take the lot for $12.50. (Shipping estimate: $4.60 for all, Priority Mail) Sold!


I have got more random balls of thread than I’ll ever know what to do with. This one and the one below survived in their original packaging, and so are available to you. Above is delft blue, below is ocean, and they’re 350 and 300 yards, respectively. I’d be thrilled with $1.75/ball or $3.00 for the pair. (Shipping estimate: $2.00 for one, $3.00 for both.) Sold!



This is a one-pound cone of Peaches & Creme worsted weight cotton. Color is “Sea Mist,” lot is 02052. I’ve just got more cotton than I know what to do with at this point! It’s beautiful, but it’s not talking to me at the moment, you know? $5 (shipping estimate: depends on your postal zone…from 5 to 7 dollars, priority)Sold!


This is Peaches & Creme in “Mountain Sky,” which was a special colorway for them a little while ago. I loved it and bought more than I could use in any sane amount of time. These are 4 ounce balls, should be 200-ish yards or so. I have 10 of them. I’d like to get $2/ball for them, or $17.50 for the lot. (shipping estimate: depends on your postal zone…from 5 to 7 dollars, priority) Sold!

I really need to let these go…thanks for looking and for any help you can give. 😉

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