Holy Granny Squares, Batman!

This is pure 100% unmitigated brilliance! I must go make another granny ‘ghan right now. Oh, who am I kidding? I must go make enough squares that I can’t bear to pass them on for a chairty project, but not enough that I can face the dreaded assembly of the afghan…say maybe 3/4 of what I’d really like. Then I’ll stuff them in a box with the rest of the coordinating skeins and let them marinate for 5-10 years.


Very cool, in any case.

Yarn Envy.

I’ve developed this sort of weird love-hate relationship with Ravelry, because even though it’s expanded my horizons (yay!) , it’s expanded my horizons (dammit!). To wit: there are so many crazy-beautiful yarns out there, and I am dead broke. Undead broke. Monetary zombie here.

People, I can’t even afford the infamous Red Heart Super Saver at this point.

But I’m a total ass, and I can’t stop looking at all the pretty yarn. And reading all the threads arguing about the pretty yarn. (And there are some really interesting class issues in there that I’m sort of dying to deconstruct, but I won’t. And some interesting knit v crochet issues, too, which I think are actually class issues, see above.) And I keep looking at the pretty yarn and wanting it. Desperately.

It’s not Ravelry’s fault, really. It’s human nature to seek what others have. It’s just that it’s all in one place. Where I can torture myself by looking at it. *sigh*

I am so damned glad that I have stash. Not huge by some standards, but at the rate I’m going I’ll be able to work for quite a while before I really need to worry about running out. It’s wicked cool to have a ton of thread, too…lots of entertainment for the buck, there. And I have plenty of cotton to design with. So I would be happy, if I could let go of the bout of shinything! that I’ve been suffering.

I’m not quite sure why I feel compelled to say something about this particular piece of angst, but there you go. Blogging’s like that a lot, isn’t it? Maybe it’s the hope that someone will wander through and say, I know just what you mean. Or maybe it’s just healthier to have it out of my head. Only Poppins would know. :)


I had almost developed a fresh twitter habit. Thank heavens they went back to being down constantly just in time! Narrow escape, that was…

Today is devoted to the new dishcloth pattern. I’m really excited about this one…it’s a visual treat, IMHO. At the rate the kids are letting me play with yarn, it’ll be done in a couple of weeks instead of a couple of days, and that’s fine. I tend to get far too wrapped up in work and forget how different the world looks to them. They bring me back to their reality, and it’s a pretty cool place to hang out. Today we had a long discussion about mulberries and bird poop. My 3-year-old was delighted to fin out that birds poop. LOL. What’s crocheting next to that?

(Not that I can do without it, mind you, but seriously? The full-force cute is something to behold, truly.)

Thank you!

Had a great first few days for the new pattern. Yay!

I’m into my regular workweek now, so a bit scarce the next few days. As soon as I get a chance, though, I need to take some fresh pictures of fresh works-in-progress, because it’s been too long since we’ve had a picture post around here. I’ve got a lovely drop-stitch scarf on the needles, I’m knitting dishcloths, and I’m trying to decide what to add to the list now that the blanket projects have been put away for the summer. Hmmmmm….


Well, the pattern is out there. Now the breath-holding until (hopefully) someone buys it and likes it. I always find this part of the thing rather nerve-wracking.

Other than that there’s not a lot happening in crochet-land just now. I was hoping that I’d get a chance to work on the new dishcloth today, but the kids are acting possessed. So I should probably find something to clean instead. And tomorrow it’s back to work. Um, yay? LOL.

To Do:

–Finish pattern pending.

–Finish design-yet-to-become-pattern-pending.

–Play. Because I’m exhausted and I need to play with yarn instead of *working* with it a bit.

–Housework. Ick.

–Figure out what to do with the HAP rectangles I can’t afford to mail. Thinking I’ll start a bigger box for them and mail them next round instead of this one, when I have a chance of affording it. Then again, maybe I’ll split them up and mail a bit now, a bit later. Not sure yet. I’ll divide them into two packages that can go first-class, and mail one this week and one in ten days or so. Assuming,t hat is, that I can get ‘hold of the address in time for this week’s post-office run.

–Figure out how to make the shop look like someone actually you know, runs it. Heheh. Poor thing has been terribly neglected while I get the working-all-day thing smoothed out.

–Go through my partially completed projects and figure out what needs to be finished and what needs to be frogged. Got them all into Ravelry, and decided not to frog anything at all. I did put the blankets into hibernation mode for the summer, though, so I wouldn’t be feeling bad every time I signed in and saw them glaring at me. It’s fine now, but before long it’s going to be way too hot to have that much yarn in my lap. Surprisingly few projects I’ve got outstanding at this point. That pleases me, since it gives me justification for starting more. ;)


I love the child, but really? Is it truly necessary to grab my freaking yarn, tangling it more horribly than should be possible in the process? And when you do, do you have to *laugh* about it?


Putting the yarn away now. So much for getting anything done tonight!

Patterns and Laundry

Finally working on that pattern! It’s not terribly complicated, but trying to concentrate with 3 little people helping me and after a full day at work is taking some getting used to. I’m up tonight since I need to wash work clothes anyway, so it all works out. Soon they’ll be off to bed. The thing is that getting up at 5 means I will be, too!

Ah, well. All progress is progress, you know?

Freeform Extravaganza Ahoy!

I’m sort of shocked at myself, since I was and am so excited about the 2008 International Freefrom Fiberarst Guild Challenge, and it’s been up for a couple of weeks now and I’ve not posted a thing about it.

This being me, the reason I haven’t posted a thing is because I was so excited! I’ve been waiting for time to sit down and look through the show before I talk about it, and I just haven’t had the chance with everything that’s been going on here. I haven’t done more than glance at it, but stunning doesn’t begin to describe it.

Even more amazing (at least to me) is that I am one of the artists included.

Go take a look. And if you love this stuff as much as I do, there’s a companion book as well.

Many thanks to the wonderful Myra Wood for putting this together.