I was hoping to end the year around here on a more inspired note, but there has just simply been so much going on in the non-blog, non-fiber world for me that I’ve got nothing to talk about here. I’m very much hoping that will change in 2009.

To anyone still wandering through: Happy New Year, and may the next year be kind to you and yours.

Still here!

I’d forgotten just how exhausting it is to work retail at the holidays. Yikes.

Anyway, for kicks and to see how it works out (and because I think a little competition might be good for Etsy), I opened an ArtFire shop: Neatly Tangled. Had a sale already, which I’m going to take as a very good sign, seeing as how I’ve only managed to list two patterns.

I hope the holidays are bringing you joy rather than the appallingly common misery.

This week?

Has pretty much been a bust from the crafting perspective. Between the insanity of pre-Christmas retail work and trying to work through some things at home, it’s been more than wild. And now to add to the chaos I’m relocating my workspace to another room, so I’ll be ripping it all apart and putting it back together again and no matter how I try, that will take days. But we’re cruising along here pretty well, for all that. So yay! LOL.

What I’ve been doing instead of posting:

~Chasing kids, mostly. The little booger-heads are hell to civilize. Stupid phases.

~Working an annoying mid-shift schedule at the Mega Lo Mart.

~Knitting a hat on my lunch break. Slowly, because knitting invites conversation and even though I can knit stockinette in the round and talk at the same time, the split in concentration slows me down.

~Not working on the ripple, because I need the kids to be in bed to haul that project out. I have a pic of the start of it, though:

~Made Evangeline:


and a New York Scarf:

ny scarf

and New York Hat that is too big to really be worn, but will have a photo taken eventually because it was my first hat knit in the round and so is cool anyway.

~Making sets of dishcloths for a friend.

~Did I mention chasing kids?

~Did I mention our schedule being all shot to hell?

~Oh, and I had some sort of flulike bug that knocked me out for a good solid week and is still hanging around a week after that. And I’ve been trying to finish winterizing the apartment. And trying to get things clean-clean instead of just barely good enough. And stressing out about Christmas, because we’re wicked broke and because the family shenanigans are exasperating. And…well, you get the picture…

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some sort of rhythm here soon.