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Anxiety, social and otherwise.

Once upon a time, I thought I might recover from my years of schooling.

Apparently, I was wrong. I find it incredibly difficult to do things like “friend” people in Ravelry. I know better, but the social networking part of that particular revolution has been passing me by. I don’t do resolutions, but getting over myself that way is one of the ones I’m not making, lol.

Also? The whole “heart” thing on Etsy? Way too loaded for me. Easier to get over that one, though, since it’s classified in my head as *business* and I’m used to being more straightforward in that sort of situation. Also, I’m far, far better at separating out myself and my work than I used to be, so it doesn’t really bother me when those fluctuate, and I don’t worry when I unheart something.

The otherwise probably doesn’t belong on this particular blog. So I’ll spare ya. Who says I’m a big meanie? LOL. 😛


Back soon. Finishing 2 custom orders, plus been busy with the usual kid and family stuff and trying to get some-[redacted]-thing done for Christmas. I’m not ignoring you, honest I’m not.

I’ve never been able to figure out whether I love December or hate it.

Craft Fair Lessons:

1. Signage, signage, signage. People don’t pick a thing up and look for the tag. At least not in this venue/sort of venue. It’s like they’d like to know the price before they decide whether to like it or not, rather than deciding they like it and then having to decide if they’ll pay for it. With the exception of the kids, of course, who automatically love the most expensive thing on the table and never can talk mom and dad into shelling out for it.

2. Fewer choices are sometimes better. No matter what size I’ve made dishcloths, I’ve had Goldilocks issues with them. Too big, too small…so I’ve been offering different sizes, since preferences seem to vary widely. As far as I can tell, though, this just seemed to confuse people. Even if they take the thing home and decide they’d like ’em bigger or smaller, when they’re shopping for it? Just give ’em one size, already. Any more is too much.

3. My big seller? A simple bookthong, made with fancy buttons and pretty crochet thread. Under $5 seemed to be the pricepoint of choice for the kids. Well, except if they were buying the Beanie Babies and Webkinz from the gentleman behind me. LOL. He did great business. I got the impression that he’s a known local source for that sort of thing, but it may have been the “(local) Farmer’s Market” hat he was sporting that made me think that. Well, that and the excellent displays. 😀

4. School fair? Closer to flea market than to handmade extravaganza. A high-class flea market, though. It was maybe half handmade, with the balance being whatever businesses the moms were involved in…tupperware and that sort of thing. Which is NOT a bad thing if you love catalogs and dreaming as much as I do. Unless you’re one of the ones trying to sell it. *wry smile* I mean, I don’t have any money just now either…

5. People are not yet in the mood to spend, I don’t think. I got plenty of lookers and plenty of compliments, but most of the folks who stood there clearly on the edge of a purchase wound up walking away. I wonder if some of that is my utter lack of ability as a salesperson, but from what I could see around me it looked like nobody was doing all that much better. Also, most of what I had was stocking-stuffer-ish, and it really *is* early for that sort of thing, I think.

6. If you’re going to do this sort of event, expect to lose the table fee. I only came out $15 down, so I was pretty damned happy. If I’d made it back, I’d have been over the moon. If I’d made nothing but bookmarks-under-$5, I might have made it back, lol.

7. It may have been a bust for me profit-wise, but watching people shop was incredibly instructive. Also, getting all of what I’d made for it out and physically handling the pieces gave me a different perspective on them, and gave me some marketing ideas.

8. “What I’ve Crocheted” probably isn’t a very good theme for a shop/display/whatever. Again with the too many choices thing. Narrower focus seems to equal happier shoppers. Given that creatively I am all over the place, this observation? Needs serious thought. Can you hear the gears turning in my head?

Next up? Christmas presents. And some fun stuff. I worked on the Monster for hours yesterday. Fun crochet! Who’d’ve thunk it? LOL. Also? Photographing all of the stuff I made for the show to put in the shop. Maybe. Depending on the resolution of the dishcloth dilemma. And, looking out the window at the gloom, to the construction of a lightbox…

Today, Tomorrow, and Saturday.

Scrambling to get ready for craft fair, scrambling to get ready for craft fair, and doing the damned craft fair already thank the FSM.

I cannot wait to have this over with. Cannot. Wait.

Let me go beat the gremlins of self-doubt into submission again and crank out a few more things to take with me. I’ll be back to let you know how it went Saturday or Sunday…

So I’m going to do this craft fair.


I’ve put down the knitting and launched into full-fledged frantic crochet mode. I’ve also launched into frantically-clean-the-house mode, and frantically-cook-things mode. I’m just sort of frantic all the way around right now.

Nice timing, as it turns out. 😀

I want to talk some more about knitting and crocheting and similarity and difference and why it’s important to me to learn to knit even if I’ve gone and joined the Crochet Liberation Front, but it will have to wait. The three-kids-three-and-under thing is kicking my butt today. 😀

Sunday morning.

Generally I try to reserve Sundays for doing “fun” projects, but today I find myself within reasonable distance of finishing something that’s been hanging around here a damned long time now, so the goofing off will have to wait. Nothing at all could feel better than actually finishing something big, so I’m running with it.


Time for some new goals.

In no particular order other than the one in which I remembered them while writing this:

Number 1 ought to be blogging more than once a week! LOL. I’d like to find and fix up a new theme for the thing, too. I’ve not got much of a theme-y attention span, I’m afraid.

Number 2 relates to being positive about the chances of getting a table at a small craft fair I’ve applied for, and having plenty of stuff done to cover that event. And of course, if that *doesn’t* work out, well then I’ve got plenty for Etsy.

3 is sprucing up the Etsy shop.

4 is finishing the design on a holiday item I’ve been contemplating and have about half worked out.

5 is writing the pattern for that one when it’s done, because it’s the sort of thing I could really have used as a beginner.

6 is a post I’ve been meaning to write about how important all of the impossibly detailed beginner stuff is, because beginners need patterns too.

7 is some free patterns for this site, since I really do believe that having access to patterns that the experienced might not think even need writing *is* important for beginners. I think stating clearly exactly how to do something that seems very simple can be dead useful for both parties involved.

8 is the freeform project I’ve made a few bits and pieces for, and the one I have in mind.

9 is the Monster…a post on that is coming soon.

10 is commenting where I have something to say. I never seem to have time to actually leave a freaking comment when I first see something. Hell, I suppose I’m lucky I manage to *read* anything at all with the kids helping me.

11 is updating Ravelry. How sad is it that I can’t come up with the money to get a beta tee? I’d love one of those shirts. *sigh*

12 is updating the blogroll.

13 is catching up with this.

14 is taking a pic of my giant granny and posting an update at the Granny-Along.

15 is…um…I’m sure there’s something else. There’s always something else.

Life is good. 😀

Falling ever behind-er-er.

ROFL! Seriously, though, this needs a made-up word.

I’m scrambling to catch up/keep up and I’m so glad for that! I’m working on two custom orders, trying to get some other stuff done for the shop, working on new items/styles and testing them, and I’m actually dreaming in crochet at this point. All while trying to nurse through what looks like an early start to the 6 week growth spurt.

Life is good.

Recreational creation.

I’m having a terrible time working today, between unexpected visitors and overexcited children and housework. I had a computer day planned anyway, since my hands have started cracking from the dry air and need a day or two off from the extra handwashing that goes along with working with the yarn…I never start work on anything without re-washing my hands first…but even that I’ve been unable to get to. Hell, I haven’t even gotten to shower yet, and really? The chances of getting to at this point aren’t high.

I desperately need to take pictures for the shop, and I’m a bit stressed over how I’m going to manage this winter, because there is so little light to work with if it isn’t sunny, and again today with the brilliantly-sunny-in-the-morning and the go-shoot-yourself-dreary in the afternoon. You know, the sort of overcast that leaves the weather people insisting that it really *is* sunny because they can’t see it on the damned satellite, but it’s not. At all. I’ve got to figure this one out, but it’s everything I could do to figure out how to take pics with the setup I’ve got now, and I have no idea how to change it and no idea how I can figure *anything* out with three kids trying to destroy everything I do.

Do I sound frustrated? ‘Cause I’m frustrated. Gah.

In any case, all is well. I’m just presently residing the other side of seriously stressed out, and it’s coming out in the way that relatively minor things drive me crazy. One thing I’ve realized, though, is that all work and no play makes Deb a pissy girl, so I’ve gone ahead and started a project that’s actually for my own enjoyment. I’m going to have to use it carrot-style, but that’s good, right? I’ve got a few skeins of Homespun that need to become something, so they’re going to become a giant granny ‘ghan. I figure I can work on it in the evenings when I’m too burned out or tired to work on things for the shop, or when I’ve done enough work on it to take a celebratory run at another project.

Maybe I can work up to working on the Monster. ROFL! (The Monster being the ten-years-old WIP granny ‘ghan from hell, which took an unfortunate turn years and years ago and is in serious need of serious help to straighten it out…how can you mess up a granny ‘ghan, you ask? Well, I’ll have to get a picture of the thing and show you…I knew a *lot* less about crochet then than I do now. And really, the urge is strong to just frog the thing, or at least part of it. But I’ve got this complex about it at this point, you know?)

Oh, well. I’m going to try to actually answer my e-mail now, before the baby wakes back up…