We’re moving!

I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get this site updated and running smoothly, and since I’m not a tech person at all I’ve decided just to move to a fresh site: The Annex! Our new address is https://annex.neatlytangled.com. I hope you’ll join us there.

Blanket interrupted

My 17 year old daughter decided to make a crocheted blanket for Project Linus and it inspired me to join in. We’ve both been working at our respective projects for a week or two now and are making fantastic progress. I’d upload pictures if the blog weren’t mildly broken at the moment (so much to tend to getting things running again!).

In any case, I finished my first skein and went to start the second…only to realize that the colors were off. It’s not so bad that I wouldn’t use it for myself but definitely bad enough that I wouldn’t gift or donate it. Apparently the dye lot wasn’t as consistent as I needed it to be. Going through the rest of the yarn netted three skeins that looked identical to each other and two more that were different to those. The one I had already worked up matched nothing.

So I guess it’s back to the drawing board. The yarn is a lovely mix of colors so it can be repurposed elsewhere. Hell of a way too grow your stash though!

Today seems like a good time for a reprint.

Especially since my 2nd project back is another granny square afghan.

Dear cheap acrylic yarn from Wal-Mart,

Tap Tap Tap

So maybe 6 weeks ago my 2 oldest children started experimenting with crochet. Knowing I had once loved it beyond reason, they egged me on and egged me on until I finally picked it up again. And here we are.

I had put it down in the first place because I had developed problems with the coordination in my hands and it was just too frustrating to work at half the speed that I was once able to achieve. But when I started again I learned that I had adapted over the years and crochet felt as fluid to me as it ever had.

To be honest, I felt like I had a piece of my life back.

So now they’re working on their projects and I’m working on one of my favorite things…a simple granny square throw…and we sit together and bullshit while the hooks flash in and out of the growing fabrics and it’s about an awesome a thing as you can imagine.

So I had to come back here and chronicle my newest adventures. And celebrate with the internet. It’s rough out there, and it’s a great thing to note the little victories. That’s what keeps us sane and full of hope.

Free Patterns

It’s been an interesting six months on my end, and I came to a place where I had to make a decision about what to do with my patterns. I’m not in a position at this point to run a business; however, I wanted the patterns to remain available. So I went with the only logical solution: I made them all free.

Some of them are written out on the site, and some are downloadable from Ravelry. All of them are available at no cost, but I do ask that you please refrain from distributing them yourself without contacting me first.

I’m expecting that you will see more content here, so I hope very much you’ll visit again and see what’s new!



I’ve had to shut the shops down for the time being because I cannot tend to them due to health problems. I apologize for the patterns being unavailable, and I hope very much to be back soon.

Thanks so much,


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Still looking for a replacement for Google Reader…a lot of the quilting bloggers seem to use this so I’m trying it out.

This. So much this.

The Obligatory Post About Money.

Funny that I was just telling the husband last week that I knew that with things uncertain right now, I needed to stop buying lunch at work, but that it was hard because being able to just grab lunch like that made me feel like a person.

This whole piece just resonated so much with me. We’re in a much different situation than the author, but the truth of the way that having been poor affects your life is something my family experiences every day.

I love #4…

on this list. It is the honest truth and I’m terrible about remembering it!

Not much crafting this week in the crazy heat. I have one little bag to photograph and show you, but it’s waiting for me to summon the energy. We’re in the fourth day of a heat wave and no relief in sight.

I really miss central air.

Our 4th of July was lovely. We got to the fireworks far too early again…the town said “sometime after dusk” and that turned out to be about 10:15, a good half-hour after the kids started whining. I was enjoying being out in the fresher, cooler air, myself, but I’m a mom so I don’t know anything. 🙂 The show was spectacular once it got going, and well worth the wait. It always surprises me what great fireworks we have in such a little town.

A few errands to run today, and then I have plans to sit around and try to keep cool!

Flip Flap Bag!

Here’s a pic…going to carry this as my pocketbook today and see how I like it in practice!