Tap Tap Tap

So maybe 6 weeks ago my 2 oldest children started experimenting with crochet. Knowing I had once loved it beyond reason, they egged me on and egged me on until I finally picked it up again. And here we are.

I had put it down in the first place because I had developed problems with the coordination in my hands and it was just too frustrating to work at half the speed that I was once able to achieve. But when I started again I learned that I had adapted over the years and crochet felt as fluid to me as it ever had.

To be honest, I felt like I had a piece of my life back.

So now they’re working on their projects and I’m working on one of my favorite things…a simple granny square throw…and we sit together and bullshit while the hooks flash in and out of the growing fabrics and it’s about an awesome a thing as you can imagine.

So I had to come back here and chronicle my newest adventures. And celebrate with the internet. It’s rough out there, and it’s a great thing to note the little victories. That’s what keeps us sane and full of hope.

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