Re: the Finishalongapalooza

It has been brought to my attention that the Misses Lime & Violet have embarked upon a most excellent adventure known as the Finishalongapalooza. So I went looking for WIPs, and this is what I came up with:

1 magic scarf…I’m still working on the first pattern repeat. Of course, I just started last night. Heh.

1 Irish Hiking Scarf, which despite having been frogged still makes the list because I’ve started it twice already and I WILL make the dratted thing, since it’s lovely and fun.

1 log cabin ‘ghan (starter panel done)

1 small rectangle granny ‘ghan (maybe 1/4 done, at the outside)

1 giant granny gift ‘ghan (probably 1/6 of the way into it)

1 Monster

3 small freeform projects

1 freeform project not yet started for submission

1 yellow pouch

2 little design projects

1 “fishy fishy”

and the design project that’s been costing me what hair hasn’t been leaping off my head of its own accord (oh, the joys of childbearing, lol).

Most of these are either really small or really fast. I totally didn’t count my perpetual dishcloth making, either.

The thing I most want to finish? The Monster.

Nothing to frog right now, I don’t think. I went on a tear before Christmas, and I think I got ’em all. 🙂

I think I had something else to say about this idea but today’s been such a freaking Monday that if I did, I’ve got no clue what it was. Yee-haw!

One thought on “Re: the Finishalongapalooza

  1. mrswade

    Nice. Very nice. I can’t wait to see if you finish the monster. It’s such an interesting tale! And the other small things, you can absolutely finish those. You’re on the road!

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