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I seem to be going through a phase where all I want to do is knit.

I am so not complaining about this.

Right now I have Shapely Boyfriend , Turn a Square, and a pair of house socks for the boy on the needles. This is a *lot* of knitting for me all at once.

I love it so, so much. Pics to come eventually.

Gah! I drive myself crazy sometimes!

I left the sweater I was knitting at work.


I guess I’ll just have to work on one of the afghans I’ve got going. There are only…4 of them? I think. 3. And a giant baby blanket. I think.

Time to go through the WIP baskets, methinks.

A couple of quick notes:

Shapely Boyfriend is coming along nicely. I haven’t done much work on it since my vacation ended, but it’s not fighting me back when I do work on it so at this point it’s a roaring success.

Work is nuts at the moment but staffing relief is in sight. I have a ton of design ideas right now so I’m hoping very much that I’ll have a chance to execute them soon. I miss turning my ideas into awesomeness!

Also, I am now terrified of plants.

Shapely Boyfriend

So I decided I wasn’t going to let the sweater thing beat me and I cast on for Shapely Boyfriend:


So far, so good. I seem to be getting gauge and I’m rather happy overall with how it’s looking. All of those nifty increases! My knitting looks fancy. 🙂

I hate knitting socks.

But I love sock yarn. Isn’t that a bitch? Not that I can’t find plenty of uses for it, but it looks so good as socks, you know?

Knitting Woes

I have a lousy relationship with knitting.

I love knitting dishcloths. I love knitting anything where I don’t have to get gauge. But the garments and accessories I’d really like to make? They’ve become my mortal enemy.

I think this is partially because I haven’t knit many of these sorts of things, so I don’t have an eye for them yet. I think this is partially because I don’t knit enough to have developed a consistent gauge. I think this might also be due to the issue that all knitters face with getting a gauge swatch to have anything to do with the larger garment.

But every. single. time. I’ve tried to knit this sort of thing I’ve failed miserably. My CPH wound up in the pond. I’m about to throw these lovely gloves out the window. (I adore the 4-ply version even more, but I couldn’t even get *close* on that one).

Hell, I started a garter stitch scarf last night and promptly discovered that it was so not a good way to get rid of my stray skeins of Homespun. Not a good way at all.

I think I ought to put the needles away for a while. It might save what little is left of my sanity.

This is beyond cool.

Go look at Ray’s latest creation.


Proof of Concept socks

A few weeks ago I had a fit of ambition and decided to learn to knit 2-at-a-time toe-up socks.

I found them shockingly easy.

They’re sloppy and ugly and they don’t fit, because I didn’t have the tips to go down my more typical couple-of-needle-sizes. They’re made from Cascade 220 and I’ll probably wash them accidentally at some point.

But you know what? I feel really freaking awesome right now.

(This knitting accomplishment once again brought to you by Silver’s Sock Class.)


Why I don’t knit lace.

I have a deep and inexplicable need for my knitting to be insanely simple. I wouldn’t find this at all remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t feel the same way about crochet. Or at least not to the same extent.

I’ve tried knitting cables, and I’ve tried knitting lace. I’ve even succeeded a time or two. Hell, if the pattern is rhythmic enough, I’ve even enjoyed it.

Building that rhythm seems to be the key for me. I suspect this is why I took to spinning like the proverbial duck to water. (Nevermind that I’ve worked with it for all of an hour or so…I know love at first sight when I see it.)

I look at projects on Ravelry sometimes and wish for a few minutes that I were the kind of knitter that could and would make those things. But really? I’m happy over here in the corner with my dishcloths. Knitting for me is sort of like my old Birkenstocks…simple, useful, and dead comfortable.

Which would be why I love it.

I’m afraid of Brioche.

But I just might have to try it. Reading this makes me feel braver. Maybe even brave enough.