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Ravelry is awesome? Who knew? ;)

Just saw this on Rav…where else? LOL.

A Tight-Knit Community

The subtitle: Why Facebook can’t match Ravelry, the social network for knitters.

Oh hell yes!

Knitting in Public

Of course, in my case it’s more likely to be crochet, but it all comes with the same set of issues:

I am not an overly social person, and nothing that I do while out and about seems to draw as much comment as pulling out a project and yarning away.

This drives me absolutely nutty.

When I’m in a waiting room, all I usually want is to blend into the woodwork. I’m stressed out by small talk; I’m even more stressed by it when I’m stressed already. I generally don’t make a public appearance unless I have to. I’m a homebody. I work in retail and I already talk to people all day. It absolutely exhausts me. The last thing I want is to chat with random strangers at a time I could be enjoying the quiet. Having my rhythm broken is far more annoying than never having the rhythm in the first place.

I don’t knit at work anymore, either. Same issues, but magnified, as I feel compelled to not be standoffish with those I have to see most days.

I don’t know if I really have a point, other than finding it soothing to grumble about having to either talk to folks or leave the crochet home. But I suppose grumbling is part of what a blog is for. 🙂 Though I’m sure there’s an interesting thought in there somewhere about the difference between random people in public and random people on the internet. In public once removed, or something.

I’ve been meaning to link this, but I’m a forgetful woman these days.

Channeltown Knitting

It’s lovely, and I enjoyed my copy immensely, though I have yet to make that grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

Let’s do the Twist!

Ok, ok, cheesy title but it’s early. The important thing is that the Winter issue is up at Twist Collective!

Day 14

Trip to Maine was nice. Got to stuff myself silly at my favorite local eatery and spend an hour or two cursing at Traveling Woman. I don’t know what it is about that project, but even the simple stockinette portion kept going wrong for me. Methinks that I am currently lacking the focus to knit lace. Or the yarn is angry at me for making it live in a ziploc bag in the dark between bouts of working on the thing. You never know.

This afternoon I have the house to myself and in the absence of three small loud children I’ve been working again on a new pattern template. Nothing elaborate…I’m not in a good place right now to purchase or learn anything more elaborate than Word, but I’ve managed to jazz it up a bit all the same and I’m pleased with the results. I also set to writing the pattern that I think will make its debut the soonest. It’s been pulled from the pile of swatches and scraps and will shortly, with any luck, be made to behave.

I have no FO to show for this weekend, but the scarf project I’m trying to finish right now should be all set by the end of the week. Yay!

Got no pictures, either. I can be incredibly lazy sometimes, and moreso when I’m tired and bouncing between happy and cranky. On the plus side, the boyfriend gave me this to keep my moody self out of his hair, and I’m finding that I quite like it so far. So a book may actually get read around here for the first time in ages. Exciting stuff.

Ah, well. Back to the pattern thing. I have to do this writing in little pieces or it wouldn’t get done at all. Watching a design grow under my hands is easy. Writing it out so someone else can follow it? Not so much.

You’ve probably seen this by now.

But it feels like my knitterly duty to point out that the fall Twist Collective is up!

More from Maine

While in Maine, I also:

–Picked a stitch for the new design I just couldn’t find a blasted stitch for. Unfortunately, I think said stitch might just use too much yarn to be practical in the application I wish to use it in. I need to swatch again and get a good yardage estimate.

–Helped my partner replace the pullcord on the generator. This involved a crochet hook and needlenose pliers. Couldn’t have done it without the crochet hook. I’m handy to have around, lol.

–Discovered my inner little old lady. I found myself sitting in a rocking chair, knitting by gaslight. And I was happy.

What I did on my summer vacation.

Or at least this segment of it, anyway…

Worked on Traveling woman:

Took pictures of yarn (this is a BRS from Knitivity):

Wandered through a Walmart that just *expanded* their yarn selection. As far as I can tell, this has to do with the switch from Peaches and Cream to Sugar ‘n’ Creme, since the expansion was entirely Bernat yarns. But still…*more* yarn. In a Walmart. Amazing.

Watched as my partner hunted squirrels *inside* the cabin. Destructive little beasts. Hopefully I’m done having to clean up after them…for now…

Ate more of the best Southern food I’ve had outside the South…who would have guessed that I’d be going to Maine for the perfect pulled pork sandwich?

Took a walk in the woods.

Came home too soon.


Next up?

Moving the computer. I have a few things I want to take care of first, because I hate to leave folks hanging. But it’s time to vacation-ize the Etsy shop for a few days and shut this thing down. Might be a little weird, but I think I can live with it.

Cast on for a new pair of socks yesterday. Yay! I’m trying out my brand-shiny-new 4″ Harmony dpns, and so far I’m a fan…might switch back to the 6″ when there’s more fabric to manage, but I’m not sure. We’ll see. Forest Canopy is coming along beautifully. I am so in love with both yarn and pattern!

I really need to dig through my WIP basket and see what’s up there. I haven’t been using my Rav notebook to its full potential for a while now…time to actually take advantage of it again and see if I can get some things finished! I have a terrible hankering to start another shawl, which would mean picking more yarn, and I’m trying to resist because I really don’t have the money…maybe I can make a deal with myself. *grin*

Anyway, I’ll post when we reach the away-for-a-few-days point here.

Twistin’ the night away…

Really. I should be in bed, but instead I’m wandering through Twist Collective‘s Winter 2008 issue. Yum.