Knitting in Public

Of course, in my case it’s more likely to be crochet, but it all comes with the same set of issues:

I am not an overly social person, and nothing that I do while out and about seems to draw as much comment as pulling out a project and yarning away.

This drives me absolutely nutty.

When I’m in a waiting room, all I usually want is to blend into the woodwork. I’m stressed out by small talk; I’m even more stressed by it when I’m stressed already. I generally don’t make a public appearance unless I have to. I’m a homebody. I work in retail and I already talk to people all day. It absolutely exhausts me. The last thing I want is to chat with random strangers at a time I could be enjoying the quiet. Having my rhythm broken is far more annoying than never having the rhythm in the first place.

I don’t knit at work anymore, either. Same issues, but magnified, as I feel compelled to not be standoffish with those I have to see most days.

I don’t know if I really have a point, other than finding it soothing to grumble about having to either talk to folks or leave the crochet home. But I suppose grumbling is part of what a blog is for. 🙂 Though I’m sure there’s an interesting thought in there somewhere about the difference between random people in public and random people on the internet. In public once removed, or something.

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