OK, enough of that.

It was worth trying, but my interest in using twitter has pretty much evaporated over the course of their problems the last week or so. I had faith that they’d get the thing fully operational again, but…well, not so much, and I doubt y’all want to read about my annoyance with it, which is about all I feel like tweeting. So I’m going to kill the cool plugin thingy for the time being. We’ll see where it all winds up in the end.

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • Thinking it’s time to re-orient resume and search for admin work. I absolutely cannot continue to walk 8 hours a day. #
  • @Ithildyn Thank you. :) #
  • @jaysolo Never did get the hang of Thursdays? #
  • Bedtime. Later than I’d like, earlier than I feared. :) #
  • I hate the 7-4 after the 11-8. I am not as young as I was the last time I did this for a living. #
  • Gah. When I get home I suppose it’ll be time to root out the spammers. I’d hate to lock this account, but I got really bored with it before. #
  • Probably will be really bored with it again. Between that and the service problems, I’m seriously wondering about this thing. #
  • @zura Yay! :) #
  • Trying to work up the gumption to actually do the laundry that’s sitting here mocking me. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-27

  • Trying to work out what’s not working out with my current project. I think it’s inherent in the design and I need to rework. Sad, that. #
  • Considering the wisdom of a snack before bed. #
  • @Ninjababe If this one didn’t already have a home when it leaves me, I’d hide it in a corner and come back next year. Silly thing. #
  • At loose ends. A dozen things I want to work on, 11 of them pointless. The 12th I haven’t figured out what to do about. Hmmm. #
  • Fighting with the current project again. Think I know where I’m going with it now, at least. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

  • Consolidating down to the business account, because I am just too flipping busy to deal with multiple twitter-verses at this point. #
  • There are drunk people playing with fire in my backyard. This cannot possibly end well. #
  • I’m so glad I locked the door. One of them just tried to come in, presumably to make use of the facilities. Long summer ahead, I fear. #

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Twitter Madness!

I’m a big twitter fan, but I’ve not used my neatlytangled account that much. I’ve decided to go back to it, though, and I’ve also installed Twitter Tools so that you’ll get a daily digest of my tweets here. This is more useful than it might seem, since it makes it possible for me to tweet from my lunch hour (which is when most of my fiber work is getting done at the moment) and have it show up here at the end of the day. So that bit about sock knitting not being my thing? You totally would have seen that. *g*

And of course, if you are on twitter, feel free to follow me. :)

FO Madness!

It’s been a while since we’ve done the parade-of-finished-objects around here. not in small part because I’m resisting figuring out what the hell broke the image uploader in wordpress with the last upgrade. Since I throw a pic of everything into flickr anyway (and I really should go back and do tags and descriptions and such, but I never really got into flickr and tend not to care *shrug*)…where was I? Oh, yes. I put it all into flickr so that it can go in my notebook on the Rav, so I can just link those pics here. Duh. I still want my blog fixed, but this is getting to be an unmanageable list anyway, so here you are:

My lunchbag:


Soon to be replaced, I’m afraid, with something that actually has insulating qualities, but I’m very pleased with it and will find something to use it for, in any case. I had several odd-sized dishcloths just sitting there begging me to give them a strap. So I did. :)

The Magic Scarf:

finished magic scarf

My oldest daughter decided that this would go to my husband. She’s very concerned that Daddy be warm enough. She’s a sweet kid. I used this pattern: Magic Scarf. I am ridiculously pleased with it. Simple, but it gave me great practice with basic knitting skills and the husband claims it’s the coolest scarf he’s ever seen. He’s a sweetheart, too.



I found it almost impossible to get a good pic of this, but I’m terribly excited about the way it came out. It’s technically not quite a FO, since it still has to be readied for hanging, but I’m counting it because the creative work is done. Anyone know how to photograph black fiber successfully? ‘Cause I’m stumped.

And last but not at all least, Totes For My Unruly Children:


This is from a pattern I got as a Ravelry Download (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/enero-crochet-tote) and modified to get the sizes I wanted. I needed to use up some cotton that the girls damaged and I was feeling a little diabolical, so they got something to motivate them to pick their stuff up…disguised as a present! Bwahahaha!

I think that’s it for the moment. Enough, though, yes? LOL.

What I’ve been up to?

Why, I thought you’d never ask! :)

It’s sort of an interesting adjustment, the going back to work thing. Even at only 32 hours/wk, it feels like my time is entirely not my own. I know I’ll get used to it, but I feel like I’m just so incredibly behind all the time. Plus is that I’ve got an hour lunch, so I’ve been able to get some crocheting done after I eat. Yay!

Today I’m working on another dishcloth design. Love, love, love. My fresh yarn shipment is supposed to be here later, so I can continue re-stocking the shop. I have some birdies I need to make real soon now that will likely take up the next few days, since they’re easy in comparison.

I’m trying to finish the bleepity-bleep laundry, too. LOL.

How are all of you?