Its sort of absurd how long it has been since Ive posted here, isnt it?

Its been a couple of weeks without any real forward progress. Going to work, back from work, didnt get to crochet at all…cant bear to report that every couple of days. So Ive been ignoring the blog instead. Heck, I havent even taken a trip down my blogroll in most of a week, probably. Im not sure whats going on…it just seems like suddenly life has filled up all the little bits of space I was previously using to blog and design and play yarny games in.

Im hoping to spend some time the next couple of days turning WIPs into FOs. Ill let you know how that goes.

That sound you hear?

That would be me cursing, because I put a project away for several months and then decided to finish it off, and after several hours of work I’ve discovered that my gauge on the new section is off. Badly. And a ruffly giant granny? Just looks sort of funny.

If I were more in love with it, I’d rip it and go back with another hook. As it is, though, the damned thing is getting a border and right out of my life.

Sometimes, you just have to know when you’ve been beaten. That time would be now.