There’s a buzzing in my head.

Design ideas always seem to come in bunches. I’ve been happily crocheting piles of granny squares for a while now, happily toodling along in totally-recreational-crochet land, and sometime in the last few weeks designs started to sneak up on me again. It was a little bit stealthy at first…I pulled out yarn to work on an idea I had been toying with a couple of years ago, before my life got a bit frantic and I lost the threads of the things I was working on. And playing with that made me think of this, and that made me flash on the other, and all of a sudden I’m sitting on the bed with swatches and skeins all around me, fighting to stay awake and see if I can figure out that last issue that’s keeping the thing from *working,* damn it….

Not sure how I’m going to make the time to bring these to life, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that I have to. Inspiration comes in it’s own time, and if it’s that time, it’s that time. Nothing you can do but run with it.

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