I don’t have much just yet…

Partially because I’m working on a new design and it’s a largish item and I’m part-way through the initial run-through, which is taking plenty of my time just now.

Partially because my partner and I are giving in to our momentary obsession with Beatles Rock Band. Over the last two nights we’ve picked up the achievements for playing the entire story within 24 hours and five-starring every song in the story. Granted to do the latter we set our difficulty down to easy for the nastier bits, but still.

Partially because work is eating a tremendous amount of energy right now. The bigwigs keep coming to visit and the place is in a panic. Again. And again. And again. Not so much fun.

Partially because I’m struggling with health problems right now. I go back to see the neurologist next week. I just realized that whatever is causing my other symptoms is also most likely causing the incredible tiredness I’ve been fighting, which waxes and wanes along with the rest. Hopefully this time we’ll manage to figure out what’s going on. Huge round of testing starting a year and a half ago didn’t lead us anywhere, so I’ve been avoiding going back, but I don’t think I can merrily ignore this any longer. :-/

More soon.

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