Day 20

After just short of 3 weeks of reasonably concentrated effort in half-hour to hour length packets, I have a design probably 70 percent done, including the pattern writing. It’s nothing that’s going to revolutionize the design world, but I quite like it and I’m pleased with having managed to get it out of my head and into the physical world. At this pace, it won’t be too terribly much longer before I’ll be able to introduce it here. This is an unqualified Good Thing.

I have to fight the feeling that I’m still working too slowly, but that’s ok. Life is here, and sometimes demands my attention. This window with this new post sitting in it, for example, has been open for 2 days while I’ve dealt with other issues.

I’m seriously considering reopening the Etsy shop. It sounds like they’ve made some upgrades that will make it a little easier to run that I’ve found it in the past. It was fabulous for selling physical objects, but not as much for patterns. That may have changed and may be worth trying again. That’s another window that’s been sitting open for a couple of days now.

Anyway, onward. There’s laundry to do and a promised project to finish and kids to herd.

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