Good foundations

A few years ago, as I was tumbling through the crochet corner of the blog world, I stumbled upon a pair of tutorials (here and here) on chainless foundation stitches and I fell in love. Hard. And suddenly everything was chainless, and it was good. Well, until I discovered that I still liked a good old-fashioned starting chain for some edges, but that’s another story, and it doesn’t detract one whit from how crazy brilliant these foundation stitches are.

Anyway, these things still seem to cause a good bit of confusion–hell, they confuse me sometimes, if I go a long time without using them–and apparently that carries over into the professional crochet world. Doris Chan just had an experience illustrating that Foundation Single Crochet is not standardized just yet. And she not only posted about that, she posted a link to the best tutorial/explanation/sheer expression of awesomeness I’ve seen on the subject.

Definitely worth a visit. If you crochet at all, it’s fascinating stuff.

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