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New Pattern!

Scrubbing Ruffles Dishcloth

Available at that link, at Ravelry, or at Etsy.

New Free Pattern!


…and we’re back, I hope…

It’s been a crazy few months, but we’re ready here to start again with new designs and plenty of other goodies. for starters, check these guys out: Snowpeople.

This the the same pattern I used to make these little guys and gals.

I apologize for the lack of front-page pics, but I’ve been having image-uploading issues and haven’t gotten a chance to play with flickr recently. Hopefully all of that will be fixed soon, along with an updated blogroll and some other upgrades.

What I’ve been doing instead of posting:

~Chasing kids, mostly. The little booger-heads are hell to civilize. Stupid phases.

~Working an annoying mid-shift schedule at the Mega Lo Mart.

~Knitting a hat on my lunch break. Slowly, because knitting invites conversation and even though I can knit stockinette in the round and talk at the same time, the split in concentration slows me down.

~Not working on the ripple, because I need the kids to be in bed to haul that project out. I have a pic of the start of it, though:

~Made Evangeline:


and a New York Scarf:

ny scarf

and New York Hat that is too big to really be worn, but will have a photo taken eventually because it was my first hat knit in the round and so is cool anyway.

~Making sets of dishcloths for a friend.

~Did I mention chasing kids?

~Did I mention our schedule being all shot to hell?

~Oh, and I had some sort of flulike bug that knocked me out for a good solid week and is still hanging around a week after that. And I’ve been trying to finish winterizing the apartment. And trying to get things clean-clean instead of just barely good enough. And stressing out about Christmas, because we’re wicked broke and because the family shenanigans are exasperating. And…well, you get the picture…

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some sort of rhythm here soon.

Twistin’ the night away…

Really. I should be in bed, but instead I’m wandering through Twist Collective‘s Winter 2008 issue. Yum.

I should have taken a picture of this…

But then this post would be as delayed as all the others around here. I keep thinking that I’ll post when I clear off the camera…

Anyway, my absolutest BFF, who has been putting up with me since I was 8 years old, sent me a birthday present. Janet Evanovich’s latest hidden in a huge box of odds and ends yarn. Seriously…the girl sent me a huge helping of random stash. The sort that takes years to accumulate. Scraps, but sizable ones. Nothing matches, and that’s the beauty of it…

Anyway, it’s almost all acrylic, and almost all worsted weight, so I’ve decided that it needs to be an afghan (or two!). And since I have never made one before, and this sort of assortment is perfect for it, I’ve decided that I’m going to make a ripple. And I’m so stupid excited that I think I’m going to set it up right now, instead of going to bed like a sensible person.


Its sort of absurd how long it has been since Ive posted here, isnt it?

Its been a couple of weeks without any real forward progress. Going to work, back from work, didn’t get to crochet at all…cant bear to report that every couple of days. So Ive been ignoring the blog instead. Heck, I haven’t even taken a trip down my blogroll in most of a week, probably. I’m not sure whats going on…it just seems like suddenly life has filled up all the little bits of space I was previously using to blog and design and play yarny games in.

I’m hoping to spend some time the next couple of days turning WIPs into FOs. Ill let you know how that goes.

That sound you hear?

That would be me cursing, because I put a project away for several months and then decided to finish it off, and after several hours of work I’ve discovered that my gauge on the new section is off. Badly. And a ruffly giant granny? Just looks sort of funny.

If I were more in love with it, I’d rip it and go back with another hook. As it is, though, the damned thing is getting a border and right out of my life.

Sometimes, you just have to know when you’ve been beaten. That time would be now.

Between the Lines now available!

My new scarf pattern is finished, and I’m working on getting it posted at Etsy and Ravelry and here as well. It’s my oldest daughter’s birthday today, so I’ve been taking time out for the festivities. I’ll update this post when I’ve got it posted everywhere. In the meantime, here’s a pretty pic:


Thanks so much to Tracie at The Crochet Studio for testing for me again!

Update: It’s now posted for sale on Ravelry, on Etsy, and right here at the site.

Time to visit The Crochet Studio

Because Tracie’s going crazy over there! In the best of ways, of course. 🙂 In the time since I last pointed to her blog, she’s:

–Opened an Etsy shop,
–Released the cutest little sheep pattern the world has ever seen, and
–Released a pretty filet crochet pattern so beautifully written that even I could follow it.

Seriously, folks, I’ve been testing for Tracie and her patterns are just lovely. They’re clearly written and easy to follow and just a ton of fun, all the way around. I highly recommend them.

I just can’t wait to see what she comes up with next…